Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Active in Arad

On Monday the 11th, Garin Tzedek held its first "Sports Club" night for the Sudanese youth in the Arad community.  Roughly 15 or so kids of varying ages showed up to play a rousing game of soccer:

We hope to continue the club in the coming weeks, offering the kids opportunities to bond with each other and just have a good time.  Unfortunately, the past two Mondays, the club has not met due to poor weather conditions in Arad, but we're looking forward to reconvening next week.

Garin Tzedek has also continued to be very active with extra activities within the Year Course community.  On Tuesday the 12th, Year Course chanichim arrived at the Alon School to participate in "The Dating Game."  As usual, a good time was had by all, and two lucky contestants found their true loves.  The following Tuesday, Garin Tzedek hosted a relaxing night at the Jewish Agency center in Arad consisting of meditation, yoga, and "boundary breakers" designed to bring everyone closer together.  The evening was very enlightening and low-key.

In the meantime, Garin Tzedek has still been conducting English classes for both Sudanese children and adults every Sunday and Tuesday night.  Other exciting projects are still in the works for the Garin in Arad, so look forward to more updates soon!

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