Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Busy Week Back!

Garin Tzedek in Arad has had an engaging week after returning from Year Course's winter break.

On Sunday, an Arad local named Eli Klain came around to the Sudanese ganim in the area and donated bags of bamba to the children.  Eli hopes that this will become a weekly occurrence, and both Garin Tzedek and the Sudanese community in Arad greatly appreciate his contribution.

Then, on Monday, the ganim received another generous donation of stuffed animals from Judith Levitsky, the mother of Garin Tzedek member Simon Levitsky.  The children were completely enamored with the toys, and will enjoy them for many years to come.  Again, everyone (especially the kids!) are very grateful for these great gifts.

Tuesday was a very busy day.  Garin Tzedek members went and taught the first of many English lessons to Sudanese children.  On the first day, we administered a placement test in order to better facilitate teaching.  This way, students of equal skill levels can be placed into smaller groups and be taught more effectively.  Although the students were rowdy, they were eager to learn and do their best on the test:

Then, almost immediately following the lesson, Garin Tzedek hosted its second Garin Tzedek Night at the Alon School.  The aim of Garin Tzedek Nights in Arad is to bring the Year Course Section 2 community closer together and provide opportunities for all Year Course participants to enjoy fun, extra activities.  This past Tuesday we hosted "Fear Pong," a version of Beer Pong using water instead of beer.  In Fear Pong, 4 teams take turns shooting on the cups of the team opposite them.  If a team makes a cup, they call out a person on the other team to drink the water in it and complete its dare.  It was a fun night for everyone who came, with lots of hydration and plenty of ridiculous dares being done:

We can only hope that the coming weeks will be just as productive and enjoyable!  The Arad section of Garin Tzedek has several big projects in the works, so look forward to more exciting updates in the near future.  If you'd like to make a donation of any kind, we are currently having an "everything drive" for the Sudanese community.  Monetary donations are, of course, also accepted--any money you donate could go towards giving Sudanese children in a gan toys, teaching both children and adults English, helping the Sudanese people acquire necessary health care, and many other needs.  We appreciate your continued support, and if you have any questions about Garin Tzedek in Arad, please feel free to send an e-mail to

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