Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Long Arad!

The end of Sections three’s chapter in Arad is now in sight.  The volunteers here for Garin Tzedek are very sad to leave their friends from the Sudanese Community behind. Though Noah and I will be back every now and then to make sure everything is running smoothly, we will miss the day to day connection that we have held so close to our hearts these past three months. Though we are leaving we truly believe that we have made a magnificent contribution to the community, both on a personal and physical level.


Our first day Noah and I knew not what to expect walking through the doors of the first daycare, but now after three months, the Sudanese have become what we all  might refer to as our second family. Their accepting hearts and warm company drove us to work to great lengths to start figuring out how to jumpstart their community.


We are very proud to say after three months with two volunteers, young Judaea has decided that two volunteers is just not sufficient enough. Next semester there will be ten volunteer placements for the Sudanese. It’s hard to believe that two people could muster up enough energy to be the glue that their community needed to run smoothly. Though I (Sean MacDonald) must confess my thanks and undying love for Noah Berman. He has not only put his heart completely into this work, but has dedicated every moment of this program to be available to help. I would not have asked for a better person to work with, and Garin Tzedek would be nowhere today without him. As his reign in Arad ends, he will forever be irreplaceable to the community here.


Check frequently for updates in the Arad community and the work that section two is doing.  We are excited to see what ideas the new group will come up with, and to see the education system we have implemented grow.

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