Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Dessert and Discuss"

This past Thursday, Garin Tzedek managed an event in Bat Yam that occurs weekly within the Year Course program, simply known as "Dessert and Learn."  Much of the time, Year Course arranges for people to come to the Ulpan and speak to chanichim about different issues, such as the water crisis in Israel or the Iranian nuclear threat.  This time, however, Garin Tzedek gave it the new, more alliterative name ("Dessert and Discuss") and invited two speakers: Nic Schlagman, a British man working with many African refugee communities in Tel Aviv, as well as Adam, the English teacher for adults at the Tel Aviv Darfuri family center:

Above, Cera Merrick talks to Nic and Adam about the refugee situation.

According to Nic, out of 17,000 African refugees in Israel, only about 300 of them are legally considered refugees and receive the rights associated with such a status.  The situation is a very controversial one, as many Israelis feel negative sentiment towards the refugees because they're not Jews.  Regardless of whether one thinks refugees should be here or not, however, it's our responsibility to help them.

If you're interested in donating to our hearing more about Garin Tzedek activities in Bat Yam, please send me an e-mail (ittai.eres@gmail.com).

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