Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have we Forgotten? - A Ha'aretz article from 2009.

Have we forgotten our values? Does human life not come above all in Judaism? Are we not taught to love our neighbor? Is our Jewish Nation not meant to be "a light unto nations"?

Have we forgotten our history? Are children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors literally spitting in the Sudaneses' faces? I can respect; even find a great deal of truth in the opinion that the Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel cause a burden to our Jewish society. But these are PEOPLE, people escaping acts of Genocide, mass persecution and systematic killing. Does this sound familiar? Have we forgotten?

This is beyond the politics. This is personal. These are people in the streets personally verbally abusing ten year old asylum seekers. So I ask you: What does your ideal Israel look like? What values does it embody? Does this article about Arad, the city that was my home three months ago, sound like that Israel to you?

Please, responses and opinions on this article.

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