Thursday, March 4, 2010

Section 1 Garin Tzedek

Making the move from Jerusalem to Bat Yam was very exciting for Section 1 to begin volunteering and making a difference through Garin Tzedek. At our first meeting we made our way to southern Tel Aviv to the community center where we met the families and were served refreshments as soon as we sat down. The Sudanese families were all so welcoming and eager to start as well. Our group was split up into individual tutoring with kids at their homes and classes with adults. The kids were ages 8-13 and when we came over their homes the parents welcomed us with more refreshments, vegetables, pita, and even meat. It was just like walking into a home with a Jewish grandmother, so hospitable and friendly. Tutoring was a little difficult at first, connecting with the kids with the best Hebrew we could, but once we started and got into the swing of things it was a lot of fun for both of us. We played games, helped them with their homework, worked with English books, and just talked to practice English. The classes with the adults were very interesting and we taught everything from colors to food to grammar. Adam Abdullah, one of the Sudanese refugees, was interviewed by a member of Garin Tzedek and we learned of his story from his life in Sudan to his life in Israel now. It is an incredible and inspiring story that is posted about in an earlier blog. Another thing that Section 1 did was donate stuffed animals for Garin Tzedek. Huge bags of stuffed animals were flown over with the Blitzer family as a great contribution. Although we were sad to leave Bat Yam and the families we worked with, Section 1 is now very excited to begin their Garin Tzedek Arad experience. We will be helping out in a gan with Sudanese children and work on more future projects.

The family I worked with, at their home.

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