Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fundraiser: The Dead Dreads - PLEASE DONATE!!!

Please join donate to our fundraiser to raise $2000 for the new Sudanese Amutah (non-profit organization) in Arad and to cut off my dirty dirty dreadlocks. Our goal is to get $2000 to donate 10 netbooks so the Sudanese community can start a computer class! The fundraiser starts today and will end on March 13th.

Send USA donations to:
Young Judaea
50 W58th Street
New York, NY 10019

Israeli Donations:
Young Judaea
8 Gad Street
Jerusalem 91999

IMPORTANT: in the check memo you need to mention "Garin Tzedek - Dead Dreads" or we won't get the money. If you are sending dollars/shekels attach a small note with your name and indicating that the money you are sending is to be donated to the Garin Tzedek Dead Dreads Fundraiser


  1. Will you be shaving your head if not how short will it be cut?

  2. If you depend on donations try this free Donation Fundraising tool. There's no upfront cost and you get free promotional materials. It's a great fundraising idea.