Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day Without Shoes

YC Section head, Rafi Weisz, YC director Keith Berman, and Hadassah's YJ Division Coordinator Shelley Sherman

Wednesday, October 21 was the first “day without shoes,” a day initiated by Young Judaeans in America including current National Social Action Programmer, Alexis Wojtowicz. All day across the States and here in Israel people went without shoes to raise awareness about the situation of Sudanese refugees across the world, especially in Israel. Why no shoes? Many refugees from Sudan, including Darfur, have had to flee their homes over the last 25 years at a moments notice, often times without any footwear, and have walked hundreds, if not thousands of miles barefoot through the deserts of Sudan. The following are pictures from Arad, Bat Yam, and Jerusalem of members of Garin Tzedek, Israeli citizens, and Sudanese refugees barefoot. We hope this day continues to be done yearly, or even monthly to continue to raise awareness.
Some Judaeans from America got in a local newspaper, here is the link

(L) Amani, age 4 (R) Garin Tzedek Member Adam "Ochel" McArthur (Top) Garin Tzedek Members barefoot in Bat Yam.

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